“The Ummah must recognise its responsibility for a green sustainable planet and work together to create it for all humanity.”

Dr. Husna Ahmad- Global One – Ummah for Earth Ally

Amongst the many blessings God has granted us, is the Ummah we belong to. One vibrant with energetic youth and huge capabilities that can bring about remarkable change towards a better future. An Ummah that has the power to create a new reality if it chooses to come together and work hand in hand to create more just, safe and sustainable societies. 

Rising from this, the “Ummah for Earth” alliance has come together..  Connecting with Muslim communities that are most burdened by global crises, especially the climate crisis, and we will seek to bring their concerns forward and create a platform to make their voices heard.

“It felt natural for us to join this alliance, amplifying Muslims’ calls for better care of the earth and each other”

Mark Bryant – IFEES/EcoIslam” 

To fulfill our role as caretakers of the Earth, we have to come to realize the importance of being an Ummah that invests in its ability to protect our  earth. An Ummah that acts in accordance with our teachings and values, one that knows that change is not only possible, but is also our  duty.

Change not only comes on the individual level, but also on the collective level. This requires us to reconsider how our world is currently operating and how it is structured. The world has proved its fragility. The COVID-19 outbreak exposed the weak healthcare systems, dire economic challenges and increased unemployment rates and the climate crisis. All of which are threatening the lives of millions around the Muslim world. With every catastrophe, we witness huge losses and damages incurred by frontline communities , particularly our  most vulnerable who pay the highest price.

“‘We have one planet and a shared earth that we must all inhabit. It is only when we come together, that we can begin to tackle the issue of climate change and it vulnerabilities, as humanity and as one Ummah’

Shahin Ashraf – IRW

On the other side, with these crises emerged heartwarming displays of compassion and genuine response. In the midst of catastrophic situations, such as the  COVID pandemic, the Beirut explosion and recent floods in Sudan and Indonesia, we saw numerous volunteer contributions and humanitarian campaigns supporting victims and neighbours helping neighbours. Proving once again that our Ummah is rich with courage and integrity, and its people rush to support the vulnerable and those in need when the situation arises.

We are striving for change, a systemic one that prioritizes social justice, equal opportunities and a better planet. A change driven by the Muslim youth, who are the leading force for a brighter future. 

Together, joining forces to rise for the Ummah from the Ummah.