United Climate Justice Ship Tour is an opportunity for youth climate leaders from the Middle East and North Africa to sail to Egypt with Greenpeace to highlight the need for climate justice in the Global South in the lead-up to COP27. Global South countries, represented by regional voices on board the ship, must be at the center of the conversations taking place during the UN climate summit, strengthening the case to scale up climate action and climate finance to levels that meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

It all started with the Climate Justice Camp

A few weeks ago, more than 400 youth climate leaders came together in Tunisia to work together to strengthen the climate movement. Some of them have just arrived in Egypt on board a Greenpeace ship to highlight the need for climate justice in the lead-up to the 27th UN climate summit taking place in Sharm el-Sheik.
They are carrying a message from those 400 youth leaders that they will deliver to COP27. Youth are the future: the children and young people of today will face the worst effects of the climate crisis and the consequences of today’s leaders inaction against climate change.
The voices of young people from Global South countries are still marginalised, despite them being the most affected by the climate crisis. The United For Climate Justice ship tour is a platform to elevate their voices and other voices from impacted communities in the MENA region and the wider climate movement.
The Global South is facing unprecedented social, health, and economic challenges as the impacts of climate change further deepen historical injustices, where the least responsible nations and communities are suffering the most.

Youth NOW is acting with hope and determination and take on the impossible.
Everyday people connected around the world are embarking for Climate Justice !
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About the Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior, our flagship, is Greenpeace’s most well-known vessel. The ship’s name was coined by Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter after the book ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’; inspired by the passage “The world is sick and dying, the people will rise up like Warriors of the Rainbow”.. Greenpeace has sailed with the name Rainbow Warrior since 1978. The current sailing ship has been patrolling the world’s oceans since 2011. The ship was used to challenge environmental crimes, help people evacuate nuclear contaminated sites and deliver emergency aid for the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004. The Rainbow Warrior has been instrumental in campaigns against whaling, for marine reserves and ocean protection.

There are lots of ways to get involved
Around the globe, we are standing up for Climate Justice. Whether physically or virtually we are stronger when we work together.