The Green Guide for Hajj and Umrah and mobile application that allows pilgrims to perform Hajj and Umrah in an environmentally friendly manner, consistent with Islamic values in protecting the earth and all life upon it. 

The Green Hajj and Umrah Guide serves as a starting point to allow 1.8 billion people to reflect on how ordinary Muslims can act together to have an extraordinary impact to save the planet from climate change and become an Ummah for Earth.

In addition to providing recommendations for communities, governments and institutions to enable a greener pilgrimage, the Guide shows the potential that ‘the Ummah’ has to be part of the solution not only through the direct environmental benefits of ‘greening’ these pilgrimages but also because of their potential to influence people as centres of culture, spirituality and community life. Ordinary muslims taking action can have an extraordinary impact when it comes to preserving Planet Earth.

Together the Ummah will create a planet where people and nature thrive. It’s your time to make a difference. Take action today by downloading the Green Hajj Guide and its mobile application.