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Our Ummah stands together in solidarity, we are united for a common goal: tackling climate change. We are facing the brunt of the climate crisis. Now is the time to make dreams come true, take action, and find solutions. 

A faith-based approach to the climate crisis

Many regions where Muslims reside, and especially the Middle East and North Africa, are highly vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis. Ummah for Earth recognizes these challenges and is pushing toward finding individual and collective solutions.

As a faith-based alliance

Ummah for Earth believes that addressing climate change is a serious issue that requires solidarity in action. We work to amplify the humane side of climate change stories and advocate on behalf of those most significantly impacted by climate injustice. Ummah for Earth actively calls on Muslim leaders for urgent climate action and on decision makers and religious leaders to step up and save lives.

Together, as Ummah, we have a duty to protect the Earth and we can make an immense difference while prioritizing equity, social justice, and climate justice.

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