More than ever, Muslims are called to rethink the consumerism trends that infiltrated their lifestyle. A call that must be translated into a shift in behaviors and daily practices in order to retrieve the holistic view of Islam based on the balance between nature and humans.

The protection of the planet is a key component of the Islamic tradition and thus Muslims are encouraged to embrace it as part of their everyday routine. This faithfulness to the Islamic tradition will drive society to take concrete actions towards a more balanced (notion of Al-Mizan ميزان) and proportional (notion of مقدار) system of Universe. According to the Islamic declaration on global climate change, the present climate change catastrophe is a result of the human disruption of this balance.

In recent years, the Muslim World showed growing interest in the preservation of planet Earth. An interest rooted in the wisdom of the Islamic principles and traditions that invite faithfuls to enter in full harmony with Al Dounia as a single Ummah, or in other words as an universal community of believers joined together by the same values that transcends nations and races. Inspired by this perception an alliance-lead initiative of prominent organisations and individuals saw the light. The Ummah4earth initiative can be explored as a window to invite the Muslim community to rethink the current status quo and envision a more resilient and fair future where everyone would be able to enjoy a clean, livable planet. United together, the muslim community has a true potential to install an ethical order of trusteeship (Amana أمانة) where every individual contribute to the collective force of change leading to the greater good. For this recently Imam Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad Al-tayyeb demanded serious action on climate change in a tweet saying: “ The recent flooding and record rise in temperatures around the world, which have caused hundreds of deaths and displaced many more, should reinforce the need for serious action towards combating climate change and safeguarding humanity from this undeniable threat”

Climate change is a long term threat, it is real and is affecting our daily lives and livelihoods by undermining the capacities of MENA countries to achieve

  1. Social justice
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Unemployment and poverty alleviation plans. Our planet has too much to lose other than oil and it is everybody’s role to be part of a caring Ummah that brings solutions not pollution.

We must come together now and act to protect the most vulnerable among us. The solution is in our hands and starts with us. No act is too small to make a difference. The solutions have been laid in our hands. In the sun, the wind, the beauty, and bounty of nature. The solutions also lie within us. We are responsible for making the world a better place. It stems from our duty towards our family, community, country, and religion.

Join the Ummah in creating a Muslim climate Movement and sign the pledge