We as Ummah For Earth Alliance urge faith leaders/actors to prioritize the following demands in their work to ensure the active involvement and commitment of Muslim communities and all other faith communities in the global climate movement.

  • Advocacy for Climate Policy: Mobilize other faith leaders to actively advocate for just climate policies at national, regional, and international levels. Urge governments to commit to ambitious targets that align with the principles of environmental stewardship outlined in all faiths teachings. Use their influence to hold local authority and government agencies to account on climate and biodiversity targets
  • Interfaith Collaboration: Facilitate interfaith dialogue and collaboration to promote a unified approach to environmental conservation. Encourage partnerships between Muslim communities and other faith-based groups to work collectively towards shared environmental goals.
  • Inclusion and Representation: Recognize the importance of including diverse voices from Muslim communities and other vulnerable communities in decision-making processes on national, regional, and international levels. Ensure that representatives from the Ummah are actively involved in negotiations during COPs and that they have the capacity and ability to return to their countries and be included in shaping policies and initiatives that address climate change.
  • Green Spirituality – Reinvigorate the teachings of scriptures on the care of creation, in their teachings, talks, and sermons. Actualize these teachings by promoting Earth stewardship and sustainable living to their congregations and communities.
  • Faith-Based Climate Education: Develop and promote climate education programs rooted in Islamic teachings within Muslim communities and other vulnerable communities, especially in the curriculum of high education of Imams and religious leaders. Empower faith leaders/Imams to disseminate information on sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and the ethical responsibility of caring for the Earth as outlined in Islamic principles.
  • Green Initiatives/ Solarizing  Mosques: Encourage and support the implementation of sustainable practices in mosques and other worship places, such as depending on renewable energy resources, energy-efficient technologies, waste reduction, community gardens, and water conservation. Mosques, churches, and all worship places and community centers should serve as models of environmental responsibility, inspiring communities to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles.
  • Renewable Energy Investments/Islamic Finance: Mobilize financial resources to support the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions within Muslim-majority regions and other vulnerable communities. Advocate for investments in renewable energy projects that align with Islamic finance principles. 
  • Climate Justice and Equity: Emphasize the importance of climate justice and equity in global climate policies. Highlight the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, including those in Muslim-majority regions, and advocate for fair and inclusive solutions that address their unique challenges.
  • Community Engagement and Empowerment: Encourage active participation and engagement of local communities in climate action initiatives. Empower individuals within Muslim communities and other vulnerable groups to take ownership of sustainable practices and environmental conservation efforts at the grassroots level. Foster community-based projects that address climate challenges, building resilience and promoting a sense of collective responsibility for the environment. Allow your platforms to give a voice to activists, to call for a just transition, and to stand up for the rights of the vulnerable people most affected by the impacts of climate change (including young people, women, children, the poor, refugees and asylum seekers)

We believe that by working on implementing these demands in the upcoming years, faith communities can harness the power of the Ummah in the global fight against climate change. Together, let us strive for a sustainable and just future for all.