Ramadan Kareem 😀

We have had the chance since 2021 to call, as Ummah for Earth, for a Green Ramadan. We want to continue the work this year and invite you, our friends, and supporters, to live in harmony with Earth, taking Ramadan 2024 as a catalyst for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

What does “in harmony with Earth mean”?

In harmony with Earth means embracing our responsibility as stewards of Earth, conducting a Green Ramadan month, and worshiping sustainably with an emphasis on balance and wisdom in our daily decisions and choices. We can help in tackling climate change from home!

For the holy month, follow the steps below to start the “in harmony with Earth” approach!

1- Ummah for Earth’s Green Iftar Recipes Calendar for Ramadan!

You can avoid food waste and make more environmentally friendly food choices for Ramadan 2024 by being inspired by this calendar. The calendar offers recipe ideas for vegetarian local dishes, as well as facts about ingredients that are endangered by climate change. It will help us have varied dishes for our Iftars and reflect on our impact and that of the climate crises on food security. Maybe you can have an eco-Iftar with your family and friends and become part of the solution!

Ramadan recipes calendar

2- Download and read “A Guide to an Eco-Conscious Ramadan” (By Bahu Trust)

“It is time for us to go back to the essence of the month of Ramadan, to preserve the bounties of Allah Almighty as His stewards on Earth”.

This guide was developed by Ummah for Earth ally Kamran Shezad. In his efforts to help educate and empower the Muslim community, Kamran created this guide to help Muslims with their thought process to make better climate-friendly choices and recapture the true essence of Ramadan. He was inspired by Islamic values which are, in his own words, “inherently environmental and shows concern for everything around us”. 

3-  Make a real change!

Commit to adopting one eco-challenge during the month of Ramadan 2024, and tell us the story of how you completed it. Your story can inspire people around the world!

What is the eco-challenge you are choosing to complete?(Required)

Thank you for writing the Green Letter to Imams with us! Help us reach and mobilize as many Imams as possible! As a last step of this #GreenLetters initiative, we invite you, our friends, to deliver it personally to Imams in your local communities. Once you do that do not forget to take a photo, share it with us, and tell us the story!