In this blog, we review five daily actions that you can take in order to effectively contribute to the preservation and protection of life on planet Earth.

On a cold desert night, while her grandfather bent down to put the usual goodnight kiss on her forehead, Amira surprised him by asking about the small key necklace around his neck.  The old man sighed with a smile and said: This key is a reminder that no matter how big the door is, we need a small key to get through.

With the acceleration of technologies, which led to huge achievements at all levels, we have forgotten the importance of small acts and their impact on our livelihood and societies. Our world today, which is looking for solutions to save the planet that human activities have contributed to destroying, needs more than ever to be convinced that radical changes are achieved through a series of small actions.

First: Increasing green spaces in cities

There is no doubt that the urban development policies have transformed our cities into attractive spaces, enchanting us with the beauty of their lights and skyscrapers. However, we are missing one material: plants. It is our personal duty amid this reality to take advantage of every opportunity to spread green spaces all around us: on our balconies, on our rooftops, in front of our doors, and even inside our work offices.

Second: the just transition to alternative energy

Air and sun are among the free gifts of God Almighty, who bestowed abundant blessings on our region in particular. Taking advantage of these gifts to preserve creation is one of our moral duties. Each of us must lead this shift towards alternative energy sources: in our homes, in our schools, in our mosques… while making sure that no one is left behind.

Third: Shouting out for nature

Man has misused the concept of “controlling nature” by turning the responsibility bestowed upon him by the Creator into a crime of systematic destruction against the environment. Planet Earth does not speak but the sound of its moan cannot be ignored. Let each one of us be the voice of the earth, let’s mention the importance of preserving it in all our conversations: on social media, with our friends, in our private and public gatherings. Don’t stop mentioning nature on your tongue.

Fourth: Consuming local

Buying seasonal and local foods is one of the most effective ways to achieve sustainable consumption that benefits local farmers and nature. On your next grocery shopping list, don’t forget to choose local goods so the flavor of your cuisine will gain in flavor for you have contributed to supporting the local economy and reducing carbon emissions.

Five: Saving energy

Each of us puts his mental and physical welfare as a priority. The Earth’s warfare is being depleted as well on a daily basis and at an alarming rate: it is up to us to conserve it. Green habits include turning off unnecessary lights and air conditioners before leaving the room, turning off appliances completely when not in use and using low-consumption appliances.
Author Helen Keeler said that societies move forward not only through leaders and superheroes but also through the sum total of each individual’s small actions. And you, how do you contribute to the progress of your society? Share your inspiring story about preserving the planet on the Ummah 4 Earth platform.